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The DU511 and DU811 are an OEM shock that would come on a 1X98S, Streetfighter S and 848 Corse models. The 811 has two metal spring adjustment collars vs the 511 where one was plastic. As far as I know, that's the only difference I've seen.

The DU515 looks pretty much just like the DU818 only the comp knob is gold and blue (high and low speed compression) vs one big black adjustment knob like on the DU511. The DU515 also has the stiffer valving for track/race use vs street valving like on the DU511. The DU515 hasn't been made for some time and are rather rare compared to the DU511 which are everywhere. I found a DU511 super cheap on killerslist and it already had the better valving in it. After having the proper spring added and the machine work done on it (so it works with no preload), it's been a huge improvement over stock. It's held me over until I make the larger suspension upgrade I've been wanting.



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