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...while I was...er....riding at a brisk pace.

Dropped a litre of oil from its position right up to the rear tire;

Had a big scare and stopped to assess the situation...yuck.

Its amazing how so much can pour out of that a little hole (oil blew through the plug which is kinda sealed!)

Went home and removed the offending bit,replaced it with a bolt for the time being.

Dealer told me that its actually impressive that it lasted all this time (original 2007)

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Yes this is unfortunately not all that uncommon.

Mine also appears to be on the way out, with a drop of oil in where the wire connects. This precipitated me pulling mine down (which I was prepared to do anyway, with 76,000 kms on it).

I nearly died when the oil pressure switch failed on my wife's V8 Rover van den Plas years ago. It was wet, and I was on my way home (after working all night 50 miles from home).

I thought it had felt a bit 'taily' as I exited the corner known as Devil's Elbow. Then taking a slight kink at speed a couple of corners later I did a 540 degree spin.

Ended up facing all the drivers I had been working my way through. Rows of righteous indignation..

There was oil dripping off the rear bumper, and the whole underside of the car was covered in oil. That was her one and only British car..

(No offence intended towards our UK members).

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