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Open Clutch covers

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Hey guys, I was just wondering what the go it with the open clutch covers! What happens if you get stuck in the rain one day? does water getting it there stuff things up? I guess it would become a wet clutch then :p hahahaha

but seriously are there any advantages and disadvantages to them?
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The one thing you must understand about open clutch covers, they were originally designed for and used on the track. By keeping the clutch open, they were able to keep the discs cooler, which in return increased clutch life. As with most things race inspired, it was just a matter of time before everyone and their mother was running open clutch covers on the street.

For street use, you obvioulsy have certain things to worry about. Getting the clutch pack wet won't really stop it from "working", but over long exposure to constant water or debris (in example: sand or mud) will definately lesson clutch life.

Washing your bike isnt a problem, as long as you start the bike and go for a ride after and NOT let the water to sit on the open clutch pack for a long period of time. The OEM components (springs and hardware) have also been known to rust easy. After you wash you bike, simply run the engine, let it heat up a bit, or even better, go for a ride. That will take care of any water left on the clutch / pack.

Last but not least, depending on how "open" the clutch cover is, you obviously need to be a little more careful with your riding gear, tools, and fingers when the engine is running. Common sense goes a LONG way here!
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Cheers, thanks for enlightening me !!
on the other side of things... My friend gor hit from the back while stopped on his 996 a couple of weeks ago. He is okay but he was unable to stay on his feet. his 996 fell over his open clutch cover bent into the cluch. the ground and bent cover ripped out all of the springs and the posts they mount on. the insurance clain was $3400.
I also hear that when you open her up make sure you switch to SS springs cause the stock ones will rust over time.

What are SS Springs and where can you get them from?
SS stands for Stanless Steel, and you can get them from numerous aftermarket Ducati clutch parts suppliers. Price wise they're usually around $20-$30 for a set, sometimes a little more depending on whether or not they come with SS retainers and bolts.

If you're going to run an open clutch cover, it's an advised mod to do. Won't set ya back much $$$ either...

You can also find them on eBay...

That sounds like an easy diy'fer. Do the screws that retain the caps need to be torqued a certain amount, does anyone know? I bought some springs but was going to wait to have my dealer put them on at my first service. But if it's easy, I'll make a go of it myself.

Thanks in advance....
Its EASY! You don't have to have your dealer do it and pay any extra $$$ for it. They do not have to be torqued down. Just tighten up "finger tight". When you feel the springs bottomning out and the bolt stops, just give it a slight snug and you're done. DO NOT put your elbow into it! If you got an allen (hex) wrench set and about 15min of your time, you can do it!
I fully agree that it's an easy job but if you don't have a good feel for proper bolt torque-ing I'd suggest using a torque wrench. I've heard of many people who have snapped off those bolts. Another thing to be aware of, there is one of the six spring 'posts' that has a hash mark cut into it and there is one opening in the pressure plate with a corresponding hash mark...these must be indexed together or the clutch will not work.
Thanks Guys. Much Appreciated. Now I have some work for the weekend..

After reading about the open clutch I was looking at clear covers. That seems to be a good hybrid for those who like the "open" look but dont want to deal with debris getting in there. Anyone seen them up close?
The clear covers are great, but they will need constant cleaning to keep the window clear to view. You see the clutch dust that builds inside the clutch case gets all over the plastic window and within a vew short time, gets cloudy. Depending on how "anal" you are with keeping it clean, you may find yourself taking it on and off to clean every week or so. One note though - be sure to HOSE it off 100% before trying to wipe anything off it, or it will scratch from the dust and debris within the clutch case! Other than that, it's a great mod! I had a Rizoma cover with the clear window on my Monster.
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