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2013 1199R Parts:

LIST UPDATED 10/24/2014 11:18PM.

Message me if you have any other part requests.

All parts plus shipping (unless noted) and prices stated are utilizing the paypal gift method, otherwise add 3% to cover fees.

1. Engine $4500 shipped to the 48. R spec with titanium rods, lightened flywheel, 11,000 miles. 200 from track. Oil changed after 2 trackdays.
Titanium rods alone retail for $2600 a piece!

3. Rear shock TTX-GP 155lb rider track setup $1130
9. Handlebars (w clipons) with red Evotech bar ends (one bar end won't come off for me) $165
19. Ohlins Steering Damper $300
23. Clutch master cylinder & slave cylinder with braided line $110
35. Kill switch $70
41. Carbon Fiber Rear Hugger (gloss, non Ducati) $110
43. Rubber absorbers that go between windscreen and mount. $3
44. Competition Werkes Fender eliminator cover plate with plate mount, license plate light and hardware. (no blinkers, good kit for integrated tail light) $60 NO BLINKERS INCLUDED
45 Red Ducabike wheel nuts- front, rear sprocket side, and rear wheel side. $80 for all three
47. another lower triple tree with broken right side steering stop $70
48. Subframe $250 - i have two.
49. 1199R main harness $120
50. ABS Control module $125
51. Ducati BBS Blackbox traction control unit $115
53. Fan and fan shroud $30
54. OEM Horn (i have two of them) $9 each
55. OEM Fuel pump $65
56. rear brake master cylinder $50
57. Kickstand- some rash on lower part of it. Includes mount and sensor. $50
58. Left and Right side electronic holders $200 for both
59. Gold Pro-Ti Sprocket flange nuts- x6 of them $80
60. Ducabike Sprocket Carrier Black & Red (Type III) $135
61. 41 Tooth rear sprocket (Supersprox) with front sprocket and gold chain $250
62. Brand New Carbon Fiber gloss upper chain guard $95
63. Brand New Carbon Fiber gloss shock cover $125
64. Brand New Carbon Fiber gloss front fender $220
65. Brand New Carbon Fiber gloss brake line on swingarm cover $85

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Mark told me how much he learned doing tear down and how someone went so far to beat you down on prices? Glad you made out better this way D. Can't wait to see what you get next year man. Good meeting you in Jersey.
Sorry for the late reply Gunny, saw this message a few days back and forgot to reply.
You have NO idea.... Those guys troll the forums calling Mark and I cheap because we don't throw our money down the drain on $19.00 a quart oil, yet the same people flood my inbox offering me $30 for something that cost me $200 new and I'm asking $100 used. The lowball offers on that forum are crazy. Its okay though, Ive made out fine so far and still have a good amount of stuff to go, plus the engine. Overall I'm coming out much better than i would've had I sold it all together. Next year I'll try to make the whole AMA weekend. Works been a little crazy this past couple seasons unfortunately. Next summers goal is tons of track time, hence why you'll see I'm purchasing another guys '14 R. :dance::dance:

Now, back to the other site.
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