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PCV or ECU reflash

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Hi i'm just wondering if anyone has any idea what is the best thing for me to do after i fit a new exhaust.

Im planning on buying the Austin racing GP2 can which is a decat can.

Now i've already been told that i'll need to get a servo buddy but i'm wondering whether it will be best to fit a PCV with a custom map or have my ECU reflashed with a custom map.

I'm new to all this remapping stuff, i just want my bike to run nice and smooth once i've fitted the new exhaust.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, oh my bike is the SF848.

Thanks Nathan.
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According to various posts with this topic. Tuning is a long road and it does take lots of R&D to fine-tune our SF.
From what I've read so far, it's best to get a full rexxer/Nemesis remap (that is available in the vendor sections) when it comes to aftermarket exhausts.
But then again, there were both positive and negative notes on the process being the PITA.
I currently have the slip-on cans on my SFS, but the previous owners did not get the DP ECU (Possible take-offs and upgrade the cans to something else from the seller) So I am running stock ECU with just the cans. Been trying to read more about it and I've decided to save up for the full system instead.
Note that our bikes do have a flat spot around 3k rpm ranges.
Good luck!

P.S: I'd love to run the AR in the near future if I could magically obtain a full system ECU somehow.
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If you truly want peace of mind and an unreal throttle response to augment that new exhaust then do this - call my good friend Dave Lillard who owns Rexxer (along with Redline Performance Motorsports in Yorktown, VA) and tell him Gunny sent you for the Rexxer tune.

As Donger said you can either get the full blown unit he sells and always have the ability to do these tweaks on your own whenever you wish, or simply send him your ECU and have it done for you there by him personally! He is one of those meticulous types who is very hands on and helpful if you ever need stuff in the future.

Rexxer ECU Tuning, tune ups for European sports bikes and scooters in Yorktown, VA, a short drive away for customers in Newport News, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, and Richmond

I recall reading threads here about a guy who had some ECU issues and all it took was a call to Dave who walked him thru things right over the phone! Customer service is key - and don't forget to use my name liberally. :) **He actually just texted me now saying he is hiring spots for Service Manager, Parts Manager and looking for 2 sales guys as well.

This is just all my personal opinion though so give him a ring and hear for yourself what he has to say. Loves talking about the stuff so you'll have a nice long conversation if you wish! :)

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^the guy above this comment is the go-to guy :D Cheers!
ECU relash may or may not a straightforward process. If you get it right from first trial, that would be ideal. The first ECU remap on my bike was good for about 100 miles and the bike started to having issues. So I am now on the second map, hopefully it will last. PCV can be good, but it costs more.
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