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Phillip Island 2014

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Surprised there's no talk of this yet...ok I'll start.

Marquez on pole equalizing the record for most poles in a season! But I think the big news is Cal....umm Cal??? Yes Cal somehow sneaked his way into 2nd place! Good for him I guess, but I expect he'll drop back pretty quick in the race.
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Cal who? Ohh you mean that little red spec mid pack after one lap? ;) Cal admitted to not having a decent race pace in the post qualifying interviews.

Dovi simply doesn't like Phillip Island, his post qualifying interview really nailed that point across. He said the bike works great, but he just can't ride it due to the track. It's unfortunate because PI has always seemed like a Ducati track to me, long flowing corners where chassis stability is key. He also mentioned not liking the hard compound tire very much, but being forced to use it because it's the only tire capable of lasting the race.

It could be an interesting race since nobody has done race-distance on these super hard new Bridgestones this weekend. The temp's are unusually low and like in qualifying, it could rain at any moment sunday as well. Everyone seemed anxious about 27 laps on these tires, so tonights race will be all about who can manage the tires best. If it's dry, I have a feeling Marc and Jorge will disappear out front. Which one of those guys will win the race comes down to whoever is willing to chew their tires up early on. Do I dare say, Jorge leads for most of the race until Marc passes? heh ;)
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And here's Pedrosa crashing in spectacular fashion in Australia!

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Cal gave it a good go, and it was fun to see him up there.
Will it reflect in the race? Most likely not..
But I do like his press conference comment about wanting the pit stop put in.. Saying that Marc would screw it up.

Dovi? Mentioned that it is more about him, than the bike..
Admittedly not liking the track, not trusting the rear tire, seems defeated before it even starts.. Mentally at least.

I think that Rossi will do well, and his setting change in Q-2 went the wrong way. He will have a tuff start, but I expect him to do better in the race.

Marc and Jorge? I expect that the tires will be an issue, even with the later start for the race and them hoping for cooler temps. I see Jorge likening his tires to be in line, and Marc the type of guy to do better after the tires go off a bit...
Advantage to Marc..

Moto3.. QP was interesting. Miller spent a lot of time with his hands in the air. Even at the end with a clear track? Was kind of odd to see. Frustration being very visible. Should be a good race as well.

MotoGP.. Marc, Jorge, then Rossi is what I see..

Moto3.. Marquez, Rins, and than Kent.. Miller? See what he is made of at home?
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And here's Pedrosa crashing in spectacular fashion in Australia!

My prediction is the same as yours for MotoGP. I feel like Marquez has no reason to play it safe at this point, and he's a racer, so he will surely go for the win.....win it or bin it...doesn't matter for the championship anyway, so might as well add to the stats. I do believe that if nothing bad happens, there will be a fight at the front between him and Jorge, and possibly Rossi as well. There is still a battle for 2nd. Jorge, Rossi and Pedrosa are very close. Any of them could get 2nd.
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Watching warm-up now. Any of you aussies there at PI? I think I saw Soz!

Also think I saw Jaffa (one of the big-titted Monster Energy umbrella girls)! :D
Solid moto 3 race once again...top 4 covered by only 0.044 seconds!!! Insanely close!
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great moto 2 race as well! you don't see 5 going for the win very often in that class! good stuff!
*****SPOILER ALERT************

WTF was that??? Crash galore! What a shit show of a race! Apparently T4 and T10 won this race! haha

Marquez crashing while way in the lead? Crutchlow crashing while in 2nd? Iannone running into Pedrosa? Bradl running into Aleix Espargaro? Pol crashing while almost getting on the podium?? Jesus tits! You know it's a shit show when everyone scores points and Barbera finishes 5th, Smith on the podium, etc. What a big mess, especially after such great Moto 3 and 2 races
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The only good news was that Rossi won again!...though personally i'm not a fan of whe someone wins because someone else that's way in front crashes out
With nothing really at stake everyone had there balls out not thinking. Marquez falling like he did would have never happened 2 rounds ago.
With nothing really at stake everyone had there balls out not thinking. Marquez falling like he did would have never happened 2 rounds ago.
Possibly but I think there was more to it than that. Something with the tires perhaps? Aside from the Ianonne/Pedrosa crash and Bradl/Aleix crash, all the others happened in T4 and T10, in the third part of the race, while riders were putting down consistent laps without really being pressured by anyone.

Maquez was doing high 29s/low 30s while being 4 seconds in the lead. Cal was doing mid 30s while also several seconds ahead of Lorenzo. Pol's last 5 laps were ridiculous consistent, all being 1:30.8s and having a decent margin, etc. Really odd stuff...maybe track temp played a role in it as well.
That was one crazy race eh? It was very clear the tires played a huge role in the outcome.

Press conference is up live… lets watch. ;)
Hmm… well, post press conference, it's even more clear now the tires were the key to this race, just like last year. Marc was the first domino to fall, with about 8 laps remaining and Jorge slowed down considerably to keep from crashing, whilst others like Rossi seemed to have no issue. It's clear Bridgestone effed up again, they can't seem to make a tire that works at PI properly, which is funny because we didn't have this issue before the track was re-paved. Goes to show you how type of surface plays a huge role on tire degradation.

It's very unfortunate Cal crashed, that would have been a great finish for him, the team and most importantly, knocked Jorge down a bit to push Valley up a bit. However, Rossi's finish was great and he was very humble in the press conference about Jorge being faster until his tire went out, bravo for that.

Can't wait to watch the other interviews tomorrow!
Shit, almost forgot… don't miss that Moto 3 race! WOW quite the action packed crazy one that was!
WTF! WTF! WTF! Did no one see the Roo Piss going into Honda?
So all it proves is the tyre makers still have no idea how to handle the new surface.
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