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It all depends on how you plan to ride. Many people will poo-poo Sport Touring tires, but modern ST tires are insainely good. If you do any kind of commuting or you want to get more life out of a tire, I'd steer you towards the Angel GT's Pirelli Angel GT Sport Touring Mileage Tire Review

We are also currently testing a set of the new Metzeler Roadtec 01. They have a weird tread pattern, but man do these things stick and grip and handle - probably better than the Angel GTs.

If you only ever ride really fast on canyon, twisty roads, with the occasional trackday, then you want a Hypersport tire. As others have mentioned, the Rosso III is pretty much THE hypersport tire to get.

But honestly, if you commute or don't want to be replacing tires every 1,500 miles (about what I get out of a Hypersport tire), you will not be disappointed with modern ST tires (I see about 5,000 miles out of an ST tire). I've taken mine to track days and the only thing that will push a modern ST tire over the edge is if you do lots and lots of laps on a super hot day - then you can overheat them.

An intermediate option, halfway between the ST and the Hyper would be the new Conti Sport Attack III. Not as grippy as the Rosso III, but will last better. http://canyonchasers.net/reviews/tires/conti/sport-attack3.php

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