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Just finished re building my Ducati 1098s, bought second hand and basically ripped it down to frame and engine and did a major overhaul, including the motor.... took her to the track for a shakedown and everything seemed peachy for 3 sessions.

On the way in on the third session, heapppps of smoke started coming out the exhaust no on throttle application but on the roll off, oily smoke... Once she cooled a bit, I looked in the oil sight glass and was amazed to see no oil at all... the inside of the mufflers was black and oily, not black and sooty, so for sure shes eaten on burned a lot of the oil...

So just to kinda guess how much was burnt, I added some oil, it was around 4-500ml... So in a 15 min (or maybe 2 sessions) it chew through that much oil...

2 options... Valve seals or piston rings.....

Dont think its rings, cause I was keeping up easily with new R1's and other litre bikes, which should mean that no compression was lost and I was getting the full HP of the engine, it also certainly didnt feel low on compression...

Is valve seals the only other thing it could be, or am I missing a third or fourth possible scenario.

Anyone here done a valve seal change?? Any tips

Thanks guys!
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