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Post your exhaust photos here!

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I have an exhaust thread going, and it's a common discussion point, so I thought it might be cool to collect 821 exhaust photos here.

Post up pics of your bike, let us know which exhaust it is. Tell us what you like / don't like about it. Tell us if it's obnoxiously loud or not. Tell us if you use the DB killer or not. Tell us if you remapped or not.

For consistency, let's post up the view that is a straight shot of the side of the bike, like this:

(Zard exhaust on amazon.)

I can put other brands up from websites too if we need to supplement our member collection. ;)
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Good idea magpie!

Apologies for the picture quality, just went to the outhouse to take a picture side on for this purpose.

821 Monster Stripe with Termignoni Racing Slip On Exhaust.

Baffles / db killers out!

Love the look.
Is it obnoxious, no (at idle). Deeper sound than stock and slightly louder.

Although when you open it up, that's when it comes into it's own, its stunning. It barks, sounds like a gun going off at times, unleashes the sound that should be coming out of the engine. Absolutely delighted.
Its only been on a week and the UP Map is being installed by Ducati on Saturday. Will report back on the difference after that.

Link to install post here:



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Before and after 👍


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my bike

Here my 821. since this is for the exhaust forum, this is what the Competition Werkes GP inspired exhaust. i have the db killer out and it is loud. Idle isn't bad, but when you are on it, it is the meanest sounding exhaust. Under deceleration the snarl is mean. There's quite a bit of backfire and if you get the downshift right it sounds like a gunshot instead of revs.

With the DB killers in its loud but not too loud. I like it loud though cause in a world of distracted drivers they will hear you coming from quite a bit away.

Only downside is your riding buddies will want you behind them so they can hear their own bikes.

My favorite without a doubt is the way this thing looks on the bike. But to each their own.


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first a pic of my exhausts as the thread requires :p

and now a small problem... i have found out that this:

is caused by this part, and no matter how i fit my exhausts they don't come straight:

any ideas?
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Akrapovic full titanium system

Monster 821 dark with Akrapovic full titanium system. I have the db killer out. It not much louder at idle but when riding in sport mode at about 4000 rpm is when it open up and sounded amazing. It deeper and you could hear the bike coming.
Love the color as it's turn more blue the more you ride it. I have not have it mapped yet as in where I live it hard to find a place to remap it but the Akrapovic does no need to be map which is good. The price is the same as the Termi slip on but you get more for your money than the Termi.
Absolutely love this exhaust!


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