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hi guys! im looking at a used 2005 749 dark right now, just under 5000 miles. sound and look right. test rode it, pretty cool. nothing abnormal

come with full service history but here is the deal . . eo had been changed religiously every 3 months but valve clearance had never been done and its still on the original belt :wtf: is this a red light?

any common issues that i should look out for a 05 749 dark? are 749, generally reliable?

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those belts need to be changed ASAP!

as in if you buy it DONT Start the engine untill they are done, if they break when running = new engine time!
and with them being close on 10 years old....

pretty sure the valve clearances should be ok, as iirc they are only a milage/km based item not a time someone else will confirm

funny that they changed the oil every 3 months but no belts?

you will need to change the tyres, clutch and brake fluid as well as coolant ( unless documented in the service history

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I would not say it's a red flag but it's an issue to be addressed. personally I'd change the belts and fluids on any used bike unless the previous owner could show me documentation that it was done in the last year.

I agree with Frank re: the rest of it.

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ok, a couple of months later...
Barefoot, I have a 749 Dark I'm selling. It's ready to go.

Just completed the top end rebuild. Several experts locally (ACS & Nichols Ducati) and a couple of gents on this site
(ie: Tye / Duke / others too but Tye and Duke stands out most) helped me out with several questions and issues to get her back up and running.

Before the rebuild, I had the timing and valve adjusted. As a matter of fact, I had to do it twice.
1st valve adjustment $600 > lost compression due to an exhaust valve
2nd valve adjustment $200 > with new exhaust valve
before the 1st valve adjustment, I did the 12k (obviously) with new belts and spark plugs. Didn't get to ride it since I bought the parts and moving to a new house.
Got some funds and picked up the parts required to complete the rebuild (1 year after)

cleaned the pistons and rehoned the cylinders / changed the piston rings (new) / changed the base and head gaskets (new)
new Barrett clutch pack as of August 22th, 2014 @ 12:00p.m. :)

She's been running great for the last 200 miles. Still breaking in the new rings during my commute to work from Santa Cruz to Sunnyvale.
I only ride it twice a week coz I got kids to pick up from school 3 days a week.

New chain and new sprockets front and back.
almost new Michelin 2CT (bought right before the compression loss / 1st valve adjustment)

$5,500 out the door.
Was selling for $5k but I'd like to get a few bucks back from all my $6,000 investment and I think it's pretty fair to add $500. Not trying to jip ya or anything.
I worked really hard to get her back to running shape.

I sold my '63 Impala about 2 years ago and I'd like to either pick up another Impala or a liter bike (954RR / 10R). Probably gonna go with another '63.
Good luck with your search. here's some pix, enjoy. lemme know if you have any questions.

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