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Power Commander V vs Bazzaz Z Fi

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I know I know I know, i've google and searched. But most of the treads are old and one got off topic. But I just needed a decent answer. Maybe even a discussion so that I can learn more about the real differences between the two. But which one should I get? Do they even offer the Bazzaz for the 1299?
I already have a MWR HE Air Filter on order and my stock exhaust is cored out (for the moment). ALSO should I get an O2 sensor? Do both products offer an O2 sensor. Is it even worth it? Any feedback would be great.
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Unfortunately Bazzaz doesn't offer their Z Fi for the 1299....yet. It's most likley in the works for them. Myself I personally like the Bazzaz products as they tune from 0rpm's up where as Power Commanders tend to start tuning around 4-5000rpm's. Both do offer an autotune function using a wideband 02 sensor so you can tune yourself.

If you're wanting something now, looks like PowerCommander is your only choice.
Someone has also suggested a RapidBike. Does anyone have any experience with this? From what I've read it sounds good. Haven't heard any negatives about it as of yet.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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