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im converting my bike to a track only bike slowly and patiently as deals are popping up here and there on parts. so far i have fairings, motoholders subframe front and rear, 520 conversion, lightweight battery, rcs master cylinder, duc-shop 28mm triples, upgraded break pads, and sliders/guards throughout the bike. Ive been trying to focus my budget on seat time. I'm starting to feel like its time to upgrade my suspension and I've been trying to look for parts and i came across this… ohlins front 20mm cartridges with a rear height adjuster for 550. i know i will eventually need the rear height adjuster and a linear link for the ttx to work properly but whats everyone opinion on the 20mm kit as opposed to a 25mm or the 30mm? I'm looking to improve the way the bike handles especially under heavy breaking and the transition through the corner and when I'm exiting. opinions? thoughts?
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