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Uhh,... could be wrong, but the 25mm kit, of which there were two (the first was somewhat better than the OEM stuff, but had way too much dive under braking, the second 25mm kit was much better, in fact, was/is great), was replaced by the 30mm kit. Maybe you can find the later edition of a 25mm kit,... the new Ohlins RT forks/kits, I believe, are all set up with the compression damping on one side and the rebound on the other,..... some thing I have never warmed up to. But it is what it is. Check with your Ohlins folks for the correct/current information before you jump into some internet mumbo-jumbo.
I have never used Penske products, maybe just as good, maybe better, certainly a lot of trackside support. If anyone has used both, please post up some comparison information. Always interested to here current and reliable information.
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