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Ducati 899 vs. 848 review after 1,500 miles - Ducati 899 Panigale Forum

that said, it's almost impossible to get an objective review from owners - there's WAY too much confirmation bias in people who owned the 848 then bought an 899. your best bet is finding back-to-back moto mag reviews. my personal feeling is, owning an 848, that i would upgrade to the next iteration - i.e. whatever the successor to the 1199/1299 is based on. hell, after the 959, it'll probably be a 1L anyway...unless they go the I4/V4 route?

is the 899, all things considered, a better bike? sure. is it "better enough" to warrant dumping an 848? not in my eyes (and yeah, i've ridden both).
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