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David, I researched available stand-alone quickshifters earlier this year for my 09' 848 and ended up purchasing an HM Quickshifter Plus. This unit was the most expensive of the five that I compared, but it provides you with the most flexibility. For example, you can set it up for standard shifting or GP shifting. This is the only stand-alone qs that I found with this level of interchangability. You can also adjust the amount of pressure desired to activate the ignition cut and how long in miliseconds the cut lasts.

In my opinion the HM QS Plus is the way to go if you're not yet committed to one of the shift patterns (or you want to experiment between the two), and you don't mind spending a little more money. The translogic was a very close second and I'm sure it's a great product as well. Many riders on here have one.

Here are a few links for you--the first is a link to my Quickshifter thread from earlier this year, and the next two are HM QS install and track test videos that I put together during the project.

Good luck!


Install & Demo Video:

Test at the track (Mid-Ohio Race Track):
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