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The best quick shifters are reverse shift direct attach levers. For some reason they have the best feel to them and as a consequence, function the best.

The pull version for standard shift patter with a link, doesn't work quite as well. There is slack in the system and if you don't get the actuation of the switch matched up to the clicking of the gears, it can shift horribly.

The Ducati performance pull shifter from the Ducati 1198 Corse, is probably the one I'd run. The Bazzaz/Power Commander ones are garbage. The Ducati Performance one is very easy to setup, few knob twists and a plug and play into the CAN bus. The connector is empty on the harness, ready to plug it in. The problem is, Ducati discontinued it a few years ago, so it may be hard to find new. But used, shouldn't be a problem if you look around.

For street use, I wouldn't bother with a quick shifter, especially on a high power bike like the 1098. I think you'd find it annoying for around town use. For the track of course, there are benefits using standard shift.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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