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Quick Turn Throttle 1198

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So I have always had issues getting to WOT without changing my hand position on the grip. I had already tried a DP Profromance throttle tube and a Podium Racing quick turn. While it helped some it did not fix my issue.

So I checked into racing quick turns but all I found the throttle cables also would need replace. Yes I do know you can use a plastic R1 tube to make it quicker, But I wanted to get rid of the cheap plastic tubes. I happen to find G2ergo, you can use your stock cables and change the cams on the throttle tube quickly aslo. You need to do a slight mod to the housing but this works great just thought I would pass along the info. I am using a 0050 cam and I would say it now opens about 30% quicker that stock to WOT just what I was looking for:flamethro:yo:
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Podium racing, sato, and dan Kyle make aluminum throttle tubes with larger cams. The dan Kyle needle bearing throttle tube kit is on my mod list.
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