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Could 96520009B be a part number for a range of D16RR ECUs? I bought a new GP7 kit from the US and the box containing the ECU also shows 96520009B. Same bar code as on your box.

My race ECU is on the bike so I can't compare the numbers on the actual ECU and I am in Oz anyway ...

On one of my GP7 ECUs (I have two), the top two lines on its sticker are identical to the top two lines on your sticker. The third line is different.

The green number/code doesn't resemble anything on either of my GP7 ECUs, for what that's worth.

Actually, the top two lines of the sticker on my GP7 ECU from the US are identical to the top two lines on the original ECU (as in quiet, street legal system) that was on my bike from new, but the bar codes are different.

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I think one way you can tell is to plug it in and turn on the key. I believe that each ECU scrolls a different message across the screen during check up.

I am not near my bikes so I cannot say exactly what each says- If you do a search we talked about this in an early post.

The Race ECU may scroll something like "D16RR Race" across the screen.

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I tell you with 100% certainty that the ECU pictured is for the "race" exhaust system originally delivered with the bike.

However, you can change the units on the ECU already installed using the A/B (menu) button on the left handlebar control.

Chassis service manual p.97
Service Menu
The instrument panel features a service menu that should be used only by the dealer, in case of real need.
To enter this service menu, hold button (1) pressed in position A "▲" and at the same time turn the key from Off to On. Hold for
2 seconds and then release button (1).
This menu features three functions:
Reprogramming the Immobilizer (REPR. CODE);
Unit of measurement setting for displayed values (SET UNIT);
"Manual" movement of the exhaust butterfly valve (SET EXVL);

p. 100
"Setting Special" function (vehicle model and units of measurement)
This function allows you to change the units of measurement for the values displayed on the instrument panel.
The control unit automatically informs the instrument panel about the correct vehicle model and unit of measurement to be
displayed: to force these parameters, enter the "Service menu" and use “SET UNIT” function. Then press button (1) in position
B "▼" and hold for 3 seconds.
Every time the button (1) is pressed in position B "▼", the Dashboard cyclically activates the following pages (flashing):

Unit of measurement
COUNTRY Speed H2Otemp Odometer
EU Km/h °C Km
UK mph °C miles
USA mph °F miles
CND Km/h °C Km
FRA Km/h °C Km
JAP Km/h °C Km

ECU ld. The instrument panel sets the unit of measurement according to the information received by the ECU
Press button (1) in position B "▼" and hold for 5 seconds to store displayed configuration; "MEM" is displayed. Upon the following Key-On, the new settings will apply.

Note: When you change the units, it resets the trip meters to zero.

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Thanks a lot for the feedback.

I don't have the bike in my hands quite yet. The wait is killing me.

Ducati Austin in doing some check out before I pick it up his week which is why I was going to change the ECU while they have the fairing off.

I just happened to come across a US version racer ECU so I bought it. Looks like it was not necessary from Apollo2's post so I may just have a spare.
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