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Rear brake and blinker issues

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Everytime I apply either front or rear brakes both blinkers also come on, the blinkers work normally without the brakes on, anyone got the same issue or know how to fix this?
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You don't say whether this is just the rear blinkers, or all four.

But there has to be an incorrect wiring issue, or a short-circuit.

It sounds like the brake light may be earthing through the blinkers, so there is either a wrong connection (probably under the rear number plate mount) or a break in the earth connection for the tail-light/brake light.

We will actually need more information to pin this down - like is the tail light affected? Or the front blinkers?

In the meantime I would have a close look at the connections in that little triangular cover beneath the mufflers. May be something pinched, separated, or wrongly connected under there.
Effects rear blinkers only.
I have checked the wiring and from the last connector rearward is fine.
The connections under the seat have the same feed for blinkers and brake.
Must be somewhere up the front but hard to trace
First off, welcome to the forums!

It's hard to diagnose the issue without knowing which bike it is first. Ducati has changed the design of the connectors a few times and in a few iterations, all of this data goes through the same connector and in other iterations it doesn't.

For instance, on the more recent 848/1098/1198 superbikes, Monsters and Multistrada's, the brake light switch does go through the harness for the left hand controls. So tracking down that connector, cleaning it out, would be the first order of business. It's most likely a bad ground in that connector or the left hand control box.
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Unfortunately the wiring is fairly different on the various models.

I'm still thinking an earth isn't connecting, and the brake light is earthing back through the blinkers to complete the circuit.

Remember that electricity has to work in a complete loop to function. Both ends of the loop connected..
Hi it's a Diaville 2011 thought I had said that
No you didn't, but now I notice your user-name.. It was a clue.

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