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This has troubled many in the past.

Essentially, you need to be pumping the fluid consistently uphill. So you need to pump (slowly!) the fluid with the hose disconnected from the caliper, and angled 'uphill'.

When fluid arrives at the open end, reconnect it to the caliper, which should have as much fluid in it as you can manage. All this done with the hose running uphill, and the caliper up around the level of the seat.

Once the caliper is connected, it needs to have a piece of flat material the same thickness as the disc (5mm) placed between the pads, and clamped to the bike.

This then supports the caliper so the bleed nipple can be 'worked'. Make sure the bleeder is the highest point in the system.

You are now ready to bleed the system, SLOWLY and CAREFULLY. Avoid quick movements of the pedal.

Once you have eliminated the air from the system, remount the caliper.
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