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Adjustable Rearsets for 2011 M796

I would definitely recommend this rear set if you are still in market for one. I installed this on my 2011 Ducati Monster and it turned out great. Quality and finish exceeded my expectations. The entire rearset was modeled after the Sato Racing design but at half the cost. I didn't weight the factory rearsets, but I would say conservatively shaved about 5lbs and cleaned up the rear end.

Installation does require you to remove and bleed the rear caliper in order to change the orientation of the brake cylinder. Make sure it remove the rear caliper and elevate above the brake cylinder in order to flush out all the air from the system otherwise it will be mushy. And you will need to splice the oem brake light switch connector to the pressure mounted activated brake switch.

Ducati Monster 796 Billet Adjustable Rear Sets Rearsets Foot Peg Pedal 2010-2014 | eBay


1 - 3 of 3 Posts