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Ducati Multistrada 1200S
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Hello people, I'm Juan from Colombia I have using ducati.org like 3 years ago, too much wisdom on some comments haha, but never post anything, so today I decide share the reborn of my baby what I have 3 years ago and 70k kilometers with me, many stories around her, you know what I mean, my project start around march and I decide to do it by my self mainly, but at the workshop of the local expert how is my friend, he let me work at his place, and he help me a lot with some dudes, same way the forum lol, but my goal is do all the work I can, just for learning, mechanics, bikes and laws are my passion. I'm happy to share my project, this one contains bodywork, all bike bearings new, new fuel sensor(again), new full sprocket kit(first one), some accessories from ducati performance, rizoma, ducabike and CNC Racing for the accessories, like sliders, oil reservoirs, caps, inspection port, levers, etc, other things are tons of paint work(swingarm, gas cap, subframes(L/R), forks, down parts, guards, radiators, rims, bars, motor sides(L/R), some black plastics I just painted again for renovate, for the other black plastics like front nose, windscreen, rear guard, front guard, belts covers, side panels, sprocket cover, etc, I use the hydrography technic for have a carbon fiber effect, how I prefer on matte,

but you can choose shine if you want, I have search some real carbon fiber parts but I don't want spend thousands of dollars just for some Lbs, anyway, other things I do on the bike is changing all of the original cover seats and the passenger backrest for new covers, tons tons tons of cleaning, polishing bolts is my favorite thing right now haha, for the main design I choose to follow the MTS Pikes Peak thing but using the scale of the black matte trying to get some contrasts from details on semi-matte, shine black, original silver chrome and shine silver, I don't finish my project yet but I promise post some pictures about the progress however thanks for reading my post and if you have any question of my project or anything you can ask me and I try it to answer fast, I drop some photos of the project.

First photo 3 years ago, I take a 560 mile travel Cali-Bogota, Bogota-Cali for buy her, on this travel I run her only on Urban haha so scary, I have another 1200 before but 7 years ago, I pass 4 years without bike(very sad years), plus I have to travel with the three cases, so I have a lot of respect at the beginning.

New kit, Love this chain

Fault of riding with the low tension on the chain....


New cover, trying to copy the Ducati Performance cover and lowering height from the OEM, do it from a local expert

Subframe and swingarm painted, first sandblasting, after electrostatic paint, black mate, and new kit, looks so fresh

The air box, so madness, this parts takes me a lot of work, the owners of this air box have to be carefully because the filter don't seal very well, I do a modification by my self with some foam at the left side of the air box and right now she seals ok, this problem is so dangerous because this problem get dirt inside the motor and really you don't want it

Sandblasting parts, ready for paint


Ducati Multistrada 1200S
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China plastics.., but I still believe on some products

Some work at home, 70k of mud on this radiator


At the office :)

Hard Plastic part at the center deformed

After days of work... paint, new seals, o-rings

Gas cap


Wrap design not finished yet

P.d.: I don't talk about the tons of beer how cost this project, I have to say, can't do it without her 馃槅
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