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Recap of what really happened in Malaysia

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1.Pedrosa 1:59.053
2.Marquez 159.462
3.Rossi 159.726
4.Lorenzo 159.737

Start of race-Marquez sweeps suspiciously across track just past Rossi.

Lap1-Hondas break away as expected by qualifying times. Lorenzo moves up to 4th. At the end of lap one Marquez knows from his pit board Rossi is in 3rd. At this point Marquez is leaving Rossi and Lorenzo behind.

Lap3-Marquez knows from his pit board that Lorenzo is in 3rd place. Now Marquez drops pace and runs wide allowing Lorenzo past. (Notice Marquez puts up no resistance. Can't even stay with Lorenzo. And puts up no fight for second place).

Marquez continues to drop pace until he is battling with Rossi for 3rd. Now Marquez is no longer struggling to keep pace and puts up an epic (the announcers term not mine) battle for 3rd. With no holds barred passing maneuvers for a position that in all reality means nothing to Marquez.

Battle continues. A battle that is extremely heated at a very early stage in the race with no effort by Marquez to pull away from Rossi. And if Marquez was interested in the best finishing position why doesn't he follow Rossi and see if he can close the gap for both of them to 2nd place?

After multiple hard passes in an effort to take Rossi out of the race Rossi, on the inside line while leading on track, slows and looks a Marquez as if to ask, 'Are you really going to take me out of this race'.

Marquez responds with, 'I sure the fuck am'. And while on the outside line in a trailing position leans into Rossi's bike mid corner and opens the throttle. In an effort to crash them both.

While Marquez only manages to take himself out of the race he creates an incident that might as well gift the Motogp title to his Spanish countryman Lorenzo.

Rossi and Iannone both felt that Marquez was playing around during Phillip Island in an effort to cause Rossi an incident in the race. Now it couldn't be any more obvious that Spanish Marquez has succeeded and Spanish Dorna has stepped in and basically ensured Spanish Lorenzo the title.

To me a fair ruling from race direction would have been to ban Marc Marquez from the final round for gamesmanship. He had to chance at the title or for second in the championship and even with no points would have still finished 3rd.

Sorry for the winded post. I am super pissed at how this all went down. If you want to suck Spanish [email protected], start your own thread.
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Did you actually hear those voices in your head saying all that! I think you need to take a little pill!

BTW, I like Salami more than Chorizo...
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Those 2 fucktards Spaniard riders have zero integrity. Pedrosa is the only top Spaniard who beat others with skills without cheating.

GP is about to lose millions of viewers/fans if Rossi retires because of this bullshit.

Just because an Italian is capable of winning his 10th championship with real skills, doesn't mean you'll kiss your fellow Spaniard's ass by blocking/crashing into the other riders on purpose. Little shit is a disgrace, not to mention the other whiner passing under a yellow flag.
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I'm starting to buy-in to the Spanish conspiracy.

It does, however, seem a bit counter-productive to oust Rossi . . . he probably brings more fans and viewers every weekend than Marc, Jorge, and Dani combined!
One thing I do know is that if Rossi retires the fan base will find another rider to follow.

How many people stopped watching hockey when Grektzy, Lemieux, etc. retired? Are the majority of Americans going to stop watching when Nicky moves to superbike?

I'm not going to comment on the race events... what happened, happened. You know what they say, opinions are like....
Rossi groupies will always be rossi groupies.
They think the world evolves around them.
Rossi groupies will always be rossi groupies.
They think the world evolves around them.
lol, Freudian slip?
"Start of race-Marquez sweeps suspiciously across track just past Rossi."
LMAO. thats all I had to read. Didn't read a word more on this BS.

I see this in every race. Are you serious with this suspiciously nonsense? I can literally go back to almost every single race and pull up riders doing this off the start.
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If you didn't read my recap and go back and rewatch the beginning of the race up to the incident then you have no reason to comment here. You already admit you didn't read what I wrote. Watch the race from the beginning.

Why is Marquez so determined to have such a fierce battle 3 laps in to a 20 lap race for third place? He didn't seem to have any fight in him when Lorenzo took 2nd.
Why is Marquez so determined to have such a fierce battle 3 laps in to a 20 lap race for third place? He didn't seem to have any fight in him when Lorenzo took 2nd.
Fairly simply...because he did exactly what Rossi called him out for over the past week.

Childish? For sure. Did Rossi ask for it? Definitely.

Bottom line, both acted like little children on the playground...unfortunately Rossi did deliberately slow down in an effort to push Marquez wide. If Rossi would have kept his throttle open (he did already pass the Honda) instead of slowing down...none of this would have happened. And that is exactly why he got assigned 3 penalty points...

We all know Rossi likes to play his mind games...and has for years...this times it finally bit him...
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They were both playing around with each other. Nothing wrong with that. Except when Rossi stands his bike up and looks back 3 times to make sure he was boxing Marquez out and trying to run him off the track. You would think Rossi would be more focused on chasing down Lorenzo and Pedrosa to fight for the title.
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You suggest sitting up so he could make sure of boxing him out..

What about sitting up and looking to see where the next dick close ride by is coming from?

These bikes don't have mirrors so how else do you look behind.

I'm sure you've done it on the street where, in my case, some dick in a car has been stuffing about behind me.

I suspect that if Rossi could have ridden away from mm he would have. If mm was just playing, as maybe, then why would he not sit up and ask wtf
MM was 'racing' Shrek.

It's called a competition for a reason you know.

Vale only wanted to compete with one other rider, no one else.
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If Rossi had time to sit up and look behind 3 times.. Then it doesn't sound like mm was 'racing' but more like dive bombing.. To create a race scrap.

It's a little Aspergers but if one knows they are battling for a championship and someone might be considered stuffing about then there may be a degree of pissed offedness likely.

3rd or 4 Th would likely have been OK for a result but not if a risk is involved.

Looked like in the lead up mm was leaving doors ajar then bombing back afterwards
What I do know up until that plonker move made by Rossi it was most enjoyable and exciting to watch those two battle it out .
Valencia will be magnificent .
It's going to be either the best mind fuck of his career or the worst.

Find out in two weeks :popcorn:
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I truly hope he can make a race out of it but, at the end of the day, I'm more of a realist than a dreamer...

1) MM
2) JL
3) AI ( this is a Ducati forum...)
Shrek, read this;

From Marc Márquez' perspective, it is entirely understandable that he should believe that Rossi kicked his handlebar. Márquez found himself caught up in a situation he hadn't expected, with Rossi sitting up, looking at him, and pushing him wide. The next thing he knows, he sees Rossi's boot swinging past, and he is on the floor. Is it likely that Rossi kicked Márquez' bars? Given that the Italian was focusing on pushing Márquez off the track and into the dirt, there seems no real need for him to do so. His aim, the Italian admitted, had been to slow Márquez up, get him completely off line, so he could try to get away from the Spaniard. If you are trying to push a rider out into the dirt, there is no real need to kick his bars. The collision with Márquez' head seems much more probable.

Was it Rossi or Márquez who initiated the contact? From the video, it seems that Márquez leaned into Rossi as the two touched. Of course, that does not mean that Márquez is at fault for the contact. The Repsol Honda rider was taken completely by surprise by the situation, and was not expecting to be pushed out wide by Rossi. He was trying to judge the right moment to turn in, something which proved to be impossible. At some point, he had no choice. If Rossi had been aiming to take the corner, instead of pushing Márquez off the track, there would have been no contact. Race Direction judged that this was Rossi's fault. Márquez claimed it was Rossi's fault. Rossi admitted he had been trying to push Márquez wide. He had not been trying deliberately to make Márquez crash, Rossi said. But it was equally clear that it was an inevitable consequence of his actions.

Whole article here, but farking long, read it in chapters between beers. It's very good.


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Stop focusing on the incident. You have to see the bigger picture.
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