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Rectifier Differences/Experience/Opinions

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Is there a brand considered better than the other? Anyone have experince with the Chinese units being sold on ebay? Any input is appreciated.

- For a 2007 1098 with Nemesis ECU
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The stock ones are made in Japan, if memory serves me they have a Denso logo on them. I wouldn't doubt the actual integrated circuit is outsourced from China however, why would they bother making one in-house? I don't think it will be a problem and you can move it to a place with better cooling so it will survive longer. The stock mounting place is the reason why it fails. I actually built my own battery box for my 848, which allowed me to move it further up the fairing, worked great! Just takes a bit of ingenuity! :)
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This is the one you want UNIVERSAL MOTORCYCLE REGULATOR & UPGRADE KIT SHINDENGEN MOSFET FH020AA | eBay you will never have another reg/rec problem again.
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