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So Im exploring relocating the DTC to simplify swapping street to track plastics and back. Ive already pulled the DDA plug and relocated it under the seat and redone the wiring for the taillight and plate light wiring with quick disconnects so I can just pull the tail off with the wiring harness included.

So all that is left is having to pull the DTC controller and swap it over. Previously I had just drilled into the track plastics and mounted it to that but its ugly AND annoying.

So my thought was to just get some cable clamps and mount it to the rear subframe under the seat, there are two posts going across that are almost exactly spaced to fit the controller, you just have ot offset it to get it out of the way of the key mechanism for the "trunk."

It would still be suspended on the rubber bushes and no closer/farther from the exhaust than before.

But was wondering if anyone has a better location that might be more secure.
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