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Removing headlight for track bike

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I've decided to make my 749 a semi-permanent track bike. To lighten the load I'd like to remove the headlamp assembly. Not sure about the front fairing though. Once removed, will I still be able to anchor nose fairing or will I need a fairing stay like Motoholders?

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What would the fairing secure to if you didn't have a fairing stay?
What fairing stay will work with stock bodywork? From the limited info I have gathered looks like the motoholders only works with racing (one piece) bodywork..
The headlight bucket holds up everything! Air intake tubes, sensors, dash, fuse box and body work. I hollowed mine out extensively for my track bike, but I still run a single head light for street use.
I'm going to answer my own question for the benefit of others since no one bothered to help a brother out.

So I bought the Motoholders fairing stay ($175) and it turns out it does NOT fit the OEM nose fairing. And btw, removing the headlight is a time-consuming project (3+ hrs) if you have never done it before, plus you have to get the air temp sensor out of the headlight bucket or your check engine light will come on.

Why am I using the OEM fairing and not race fairings? Cost. I am turning my 749 into a track bike in phases but want to enjoy it along the way. So in order for the OEM fairing to work with the Motoholders brace I will have to drill into the nose fairing since the holes from the mirrors do not align. Not a big deal, but the process cannot be reversed.

You will also be left with a rat's nest of cables that have to be velcro'd and zip tied to the new structure.

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