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Removing Multistrada Bodywork and tank

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So just got my 2015 and I need to run a couple of power leads from the battery to the handlebar area.

I have both seats off and I'm pretty mechanically savvy, but not having a chance to study all the various bodywork panels, I don't want to just start tugging and break tabs etc.

I'm sure the earlier models have similar attachment as the 2015 model, so can anyone point me in the direction of some instructions or videos.

I had a quick scan through the manual and I don't see any references in there.

I also did a google search and pretty much came up empty.

Much appreciated.
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Unpack the Multi

Hi Chris, check my thred with the titel SWITZERLAND, I unpacked my 15 Multi completely to get it painted.

Some parts are indeed very tricki to take off... first of all take off all screws... and then there are some parts as the side fenders which have to be klicked off.. so move the whole part into one direction, If I am rgight it was always direction to the front, so riding direction.

It was the Side Fender... but also the black plastic thing where the big letters DUCATI are wroten, that one also has to be slided to the front... it was very tricki as we didnt know if there were still some screws =) Than the lamp at the end... there are 4 screws to be taken out to take the lamp off. the screws are inside just in front of the front suspension.

good luck =)


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Thanks, much appreciated
Pretty much figured it out, I'll take some detailed pictures and post a little later.
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This is my 2015 Multistrada S. I wanted to mount and wire up my Garmin 660 and also an Escort 9500ix radar detector.

So in that process, I removed pretty much all of the front plastic, a little bit more than necessary for my project, but now I have a good understanding of how it all goes together.

This may not be the Ducati method or order of removing everything, but it seemed to work for me.

I hope you find this procedure useful.

First remove the passenger and rider seat.

Next remove the left and right rear side panels. Three screws hold each panel in place. The panel has an inner loop of plastic that must be lifted off a stud on the frame and then slid backwards.

The front tabs of the side panel

The loop that slips over a frame mounted stud

Next I removed the left and right lower front side panels. To do this, I had to loosen the crash bars in the front and at the engine mount.

Each side panel has two screws, once removed, the panel can be lifted upwards and removed.

Next I removed the hidden black panels. The lower screw has a kind of large flat nut, that you have to hold from the rear, to get the get the screw out.

Next the cover that surrounds the ignition switch, directly in front of the tank, can be removed by lifting it up. It has a couple of prongs that sit in rubber grommets.

This exposes the screws that holds the black panels that have "Ducati" on them. Remove the two screws for each panel. The panels then slide forward and come off.

The front part of the black panel that hooks in at the front.

I then removed a black under tray from under the beak.

The Beak has six screws, two visible on each side. The Beak has an electrical in the nose, my guess is that's for ambient air temperature,

The Beak Cover, on my bike, has two electrical connections, 1) One that goes over the right light heat sink and 3) for the front power outlet.

There is a screw on each side that screws in at the back of the headlight assembly. Once removed, the front of the beak cover is lifted up out of a slot.

The tank cover can now be removed. There are 10 silver colored screws, 5 on each side. Also all the gas cap cover screws must also be removed.

There are two vent hoses that need to be removed and then the tank cover will lift off.

Here's a video of it all going back together

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That is a brilliant write up. Thank you.
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