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I did my A&R a couple months ago. I purchased some new 1098 cans (left over from a termi install) and used the baffle kit for those. I like the shorter look of the 1098 cans. I went through quite a few dremel metal cutting discs but at no point was it difficult. I assumed the cats would be difficult but a cut all the way around and a few smacks with a chisel from the other side and they popped right out.

I think the sound is amazing. I had <$200 into mine so if it turned out to be a shitty sound I was willing to ditch them at a loss. Seriously, every note through the whole range is amazing. Do it.

EDIT: I had to trim about a quart of an inch off the baffle because it wouldn't fit. There wasn't an issue with the cuts I made either. The baffle slides into where the cat was (Which both came out in once piece) and with the silencer assembly cut there's nothing to get in the way. I had to do that on both baffles.
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