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Got two of these:

Did a custom job. Basically, cut the cats out, removed the whole baffle assembly, cut the cap end off but left the inner silencer tube in, wrapped it up in fresh packing and riveted it back together. I was going to cut the silencer out a-la the A&R kit but decided to see what it sounded like with it left in first. The result was a perfectly tolerable idle sound level with more than enough noise as the rpm's build. Fitting the perf-pipe in was just a matter of leaving just enough cat material in the tube to keep it snug, then cut to length so it was firmly sandwiched between the caps when re-assembled.

Overall result was dramatic reduction of ass temperatures and much louder that stock (not unbearbly loud though) but still looks like the totally stock cans (which I like). I also installed an MWR two-piece air filter, had motowheels flash a spare ECU and used jpdiag to reset the TPS after installing BTW.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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