I have 6 pair of men's motorcycle riding jeans. They are true to size, except the Austin TF Jeans that run 1 size small. I need to go up in size so I'm selling off my current collection. Will ship anywhere. No rips or tears, may have a bug splat on the knee from riding. Each pair includes Level 1 knee protection and has pockets for optional hip protection.

Lombard 2 Mens Motorcycle Jeans Dark Gray
Size 32x36 (New)
Size 33x34
Size 34x36
Alpha Mens Motorcycle Jeans Kakhi
Size 32x36
Orlando H2O Mens Motorcycle Jeans Black WaterProof
Size 32x36
Austin TF Jeans Mens Motorcycle Jeans Lite Blue
Size 33x34 (fits like 32)