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I have left the default settings, but have noticed the following;
City mode(can't remember the actual name, only used it twice) - it really is tame and takes a lot of throttle rotation to get things moving, it's limited to 75hp.
Touring mode (most commonly used) - the throttle isn't so sensitive as potholes/ imperfections don't affect acceleration/ deceleration. I seem to get 3.5 a 4.2 liters per 100 km which means about 300 km between fill ups.
Sport mode (only used twice) - power seems immediate, throttle sensitivity is abrupt for our poor roads here.
Haven't had the chance to test the ABS much as it's been warm and dry this summer so far, plus I'm old school and have never needed ABS on a bike. On that note, I still only have 800km on the odometer so far and the bike is great!
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