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I have a 2009 with slip on Termi's and ECU (presumably) and 14t sprocket, bike runs well even power delivery above 4k, but slower riding under 40mph 4k rpm bike seems to run rough / uneven. I also have to crack the throttle to get it to start.

In reading some of the post here it looks like it could be:
1. Exhaust valve. (so is the dongle still required with the termi ecu?)
2. Lean O2 reading. (so is the dongle still required with the termi ecu?)
3. Remap or edit map (can I edit the ecu setting with this ecu from an OBII connection?)

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Didn't we have a troll post of all the first time duc owner/ mechanically challenged individual questions to refer the new victims to?

Duc twins are rough under 4k
The exhaust servo doesn't restrict anything under full throttle, but assists under low low to retain proper back pressure or they wouldn't have spent the money on putting it there (you can't even get ducati to put paint on the steel frame properly they are so... let's say cost efficient..)
Starting issues when hot or after fueling have to do with an ineffective charcoal canister set up- remove it and cap the vacuum line.
If it has some miles- clean the throttle bodies with carb clean and a toothbrush
Stock fuel map leans mix at 4-5k rpm for emissions- remap to correct, or run it at proper RPM when you actually want power
Steering response is labored and drops out when low- stock suspension set to propel rider and passenger in a straight line fast- set preload and dampening for your weight swap triples for at 30mm offset if you want it to perform on curves with a single rider
Yes dealership maintenance is expensive- yes you can do it yourself if you are mechanically oriented- yes you should pay the money for someone else to do it if you struggle with simple tools like a hammer
Yes exhaust and engine mods give you more power, but lighter wheels give you better acceleration, deceleration and turning. reduce rotating mass and unsprung weight before blowing money on exhaust cans and you get a better all around bike.
Yes the belts are tuned by sound, no you can't hum along and tune it by ear
The dry clutch is the iconic ducati rattle- no it is not better unless you use it as a regular track bike and want the serviceability and thermal benefits needed under those circumstances
Plastic tanks warp with ethanol fuels- yes ducati knows, no they don't care- buy a different tank if you feel the need
No, higher octane fuels do not give you more power on a stock bike
All high end performance tires work well, and the differences are typically so small you mere mortals can't discern the difference and it really is up to personal preference.
No a superbike of any flavor is not a good beginner bike, even if your buddy learned on one
yes the parts are stupid expensive, no the Chinese fairings are not just as good
All carbon will yellow over time with sun exposure, and cheap carbon with resin rather than epoxy will do it faster
Don't do cash or check deals for anything on ebay or craig's list- use paypal linked to a credit card for double purchase protection and have the terms of the sale in writing
No they are not changing the name to DucAudi

And finally, there are many things that can steal your heart in life and most of them will take your wallet too.

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Strip it down. Powder coat the trellis and use a body wax/cosmoline in the tubes. For hardware corrosion, use stainless or titanium hardware, or a regular wipe down with wd-40. If you ride by ocean mist- you will have to wash the bike regularly to get rid of the salt spray. Keep your chain properly cleaned and lubed with a quality chain wax. Wipe your rotors down with industrial isoprophyl alcohol wipes after cleaning/washing.

or is there something else in particular you are having issue with?
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