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Hello everyone,
I have a little oil seepage that I need to take care of. Apparently I have two valve covers seeping oil, the ones closest to the exhaust port are the culprits. However, I want to take care of it now and change all of them. The previous owner said that he had the valves adjusted and that the gaskets were probably not changed when done.

Now can someone please confirm if possible the size of the o-rings?

I have done a little research and found that there are two sizes, they don't differ much but they both have the same part number of 88641381A but one site has a size of 63.13 X 2.62 and another of 63.17 X 2.62. Now I know that the size discrepancy isn't much but we are talking about oil leaking here and rather be safe than sorry. Who knows, that discrepancy may very well be the reason for my leak.
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