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I installed Arrow slip-ons on my 2007 S2R 800 because I wanted an exhaust with a deeper tone, but I am a bit disappointed after installing them since they were so pricey and the sound barely changed (it's just slightly deeper after removing the DB Killers).

I was wondering if removing the catalytic converter would affect the sound of my Arrow slip-ons a lot? I've been looking into the Spark collectors and my question is if it is worth it to remove the CAT for a better sound.

Also, would a ECU remapping / Power Commander be immediately necessary? I read some posts of people saying their bikes ran acceptably for a while without the tuning.

Finally, since my S2R 800 is the 2007 model, it has an oxygen sensor... does anyone know if the Spark collectors include a sensor plug? or would the ONLY option be to get it tuned and remove the sensor?

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