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Well, you guys might think I am making a joke: actually Valentino besides being in trouble with the local IRS in Italy for approximately 1.2 million euros in income taxes unreported, is engaged to one of the most beautiful "veline" ( show girls ) that apparently he has lost his head for. All these factors have profoundly distracted him from the racing passion that used to come first and sole in his life. This is what is being reported in the actual news in Italy right now, with the greatest of disappointement from the passionate italian public as much as his fans. On top of all of this a pilot such as Casey Stoner is driving a bike that is by far superior to Valentino's Jamaha and his skills are as good as Valentino's if not better. So, the end result is that Valentino, unless something happens, is ....history.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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