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The flap is a development used on cars for a long time. The whole premise is to help generate midrange at a lower RPM, whilst allowing the bike to have cam/timing setup for higher RPM power delivery AND still meet emissions.

The O2 sensors are not required for the bike to run IF the ECU has had them turned off. The "racing" DP ECU doesn't need the O2 sensors for instance.

I believe you can simply disconnect the motor drive and zip tie it to the bike somewhere else and the bike still runs fine.

But the stock exhaust is heavy and not quite big enough. So a lot of people just upgrade their entire exhausts rather then messing with the stocker. 848/1098/1198 exhausts are becoming cheaper and cheaper as a result of the bikes being discontinued, so just gotta look around.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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