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Shark Helmets

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What do you guys think of this helmet? I tried it on and it felt pretty good.

It was better than Arai and Shoei.
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I'm sure it's beautiful.... IMO helmets aren't about color or paint schemes but about how it fit's your head.... As long as it fits good, you should be fine.

The RSR2's are very nice!!
Arai is the only way i role. My priorities when shopping for a helmet are as follows:
safety comfort quality
Shark lids are pretty nice. Keep in mind that Arai makes an assortment of styles. Each one has a slightly different shape which will fit different head shapes. You should check out www.helmetharbor.com They have some tutorials which explain the difference in each style of helmet for all major manufacturers.
Sorry truenthusiast then I think you need to look around a bit more. If Arai fits you then great. But Shark, Suomy, AGV, Shoei are just as good if not better in some areas. It all depends on the shape of your head. My street helmet is a Suomy and my race helmet is a Shoei. They fit me different for different things. Ansman Shark makes a great helmet. I've owned one and loved it. (Held up great in the crash) But they tend to be loud. The quality is amazing and all the visor attachments are metal not plastic (Arai). The liner is very soft and removes nicely for cleaning. Their shape is a bit odd and their different models have different shapes. I would def try it on first.
I have the shark rsr2 and a shoei. The shark fits better and is no louder. The Suomy did not fit the shape of my head. When heading out for a days riding, I always grab the shark. No fancy paint grafics, just kind of a plain silver.

If it fits wear it, I wanted a $1000 helmet but the only one I could get to fit and be comfortable was $350 SHOEI. Any reputable brand as long as it fits and is comfortable. If you die because you picked the wrong helmet you would be dead anyway, might as well be comforable.
Nothing but shoei here. I've tried others but they just dont fit as snug for me.
I have the Shark RSR2 Muggeridge Helmet in Medium and I must say that it is comfortable (liner is plush,suede like) and most of all super light. It is relatively quiet in comparison to my quantum F (ARAI) and definitely a step up. When I first tried a shoei, it felt overly stiff. I am really happy with the shark. The fit and finish is top notch, the ventilation is quite good and the visibility out of the visor is great, plus it WON"T, WILL NOT FOG up at all! And, you likely won't see your helmet on the next rider at the nearest hangout. I might still add a Shoei X-11 someday, but the SHARK is surely a premium helmet.

Negatives: can be sensitive to crosswinds, makes a unique sound when a crosswind blows by, not through, the top vent, and the strap with the D-rings requires you to adjust the padded portion in relation to the strap.
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I've always liked the Shark line. Never had a chance to fit one on. I guess next time I'm at my dealer, I might as well give one a shot....
i have owned a shoei x-11 and it is a great helmet, quiet, removable liner, vents real good in summer. i now have an arai rx7 corsair, removeable liner, vents good in summer, but loud.

i was going to look at the shark but no dealers in my area had one to try on. from what i read a great lid.

most importantly aside from venting, noise, and removeable liner, is FIT.

good luck and let us know.
I owned an Arai RX-7 and personally did not think it was worth the price. It was loud and not as cooling as I would have expected, so I sold it. I then purchased a Shark RSR-2 T. Corser black replica, it has got to be the most comfortable, not super quit but good enough to talk to yourself (hey, what can I say), colors are vibrant and really stand out. The liner is really easy to take out and put back in. The shield are hassel free and can be changed blind folded, as far as safety I haven't had an accident in mine yet and really don't plan to but I feel comfortable that if it does happen my head is protected. The lense are 3mm thick, Multi-element internal shock absorber, plus the shell is made of carbon and kevlar w/ multi direction fibers. I can't say you'll go wrong with an arai shoe or any other helmet, but I can say a Shark is a helmet you can't go wrong with. Oh, yeah the best part people will be constantly asking you can they see your helmet, because they never seen that helmet before. I purchased mine on ebay for under $500
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I have an RSR2 Regis Laconi Rep. I love this helmet for the reasons already given above: fit, plush interior, graphics, ease of changing shield, and overall external aesthetics. I also have an Arai RX7RR Edwards Rep and I like the helmet for different reasons. The one disappointment I have with my Shark is it's external durability. I was riding behind my buddy when we hit a patch of road construction. Because I was directly behind his bike, several small stones went straight for me and my bike. Result? A few small chips on the fascia of the 1098 and one on my Shark as well. I've had a similar situation with my R1 and Arai and I didn't even see one scratch on the Arai but saw some marks on the R1.
Thats true what aj1098s is saying. My T. CORSER is flat black and a little chip on the edge of the vent has grown to be just under an inch long, but my helmet is black and so is the under coat. I could use the 5 year warranty but I'm just to lazy. I really think its due to mostly the fact that my helmet doesn't have a clear coat and the paint is textured.
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