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Sharkskinz for Panigale

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Will fit both 1199 and 899

Desperation sale $750 plus shipping and paypal expense

Never used still in the box. Predrilled with Dzus fasteners

Located in North East Florida.
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More info to come
Price drop 750 make an offer
Never been used ready to paint...

This kit comes with Upper, Left and Right Panels, Belly Pan, Air Intake Duct, Tail and Under Tail draft Shield. Pre drilled with Dzus fastners, Retails for $1320.

Yours for $750 plus shipping and Paypal fees
I'll get some up by tomorrow if not sooner.
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Man I wish I could afford these Enzo!
I would absolutely LOVE to have Sean at CCR do the most killer paintwork on these and you definitely have the absolute best bodywork right there for ANY bike man!

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I can post more pics if needed but they have never been used and also can be viewed on their website.

Dumb question, but will these fit an 899? If not, free bump for a good deal.
Dumb question, but will these fit an 899? If not, free bump for a good deal.
I spoke with Mark Sutton at Ducshop and he said it would fit all Panies. Sharkskinz site lists it for the 1199. I believe that is because they were initially made for the Pani in 2012. I also spoke with Dave at Sharkskinz and he said that they would fit both. If all of the bodywork is interchangeable between the 12 - 14 panies then it will fit.

I checked a few part numbers for the 1199 and 899 they are different but look identical. I will check with my dealer and see if they can confirm.

I'll also check a few of our racers here on the site. That may be our most definitive answer.
So the answer is... Yes they will fit both 1199 and 899. confirmed by three of our forum racers...
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awesome deal .. free bump
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Reply sent
Enzo- hit me up if you get desperate to get rid of them asap and I can Paypal you........:)
Still available...
Thanks for the inquiries and to the racers out there who answered a few questions regarding 899...
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