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Mine is a 2000 996. All I had done for mine was a rebuild using super slick seals and a slightly heavier Maxima fluid.

SKF makes the super slick seals IIRC. Honestly, once set up for me and my 225lbs including gear I can’t fault the stock Showas.

My Aprilia Mille-R has full Öhlins and while those have more feel that can be exhausting.

The Showas seem a little more muted in feel but not vague or anything. Plusher for certain.

I find that a plus in the vast majority of the riding I do as our back road pavement is no where near race track smooth.

A long while back, I had my Öhlins forks rebuilt at Lindemann Engineering when it was still in Campbell, CA.

I had a lengthy conversation with Jim (RIP) about what I wanted done. He actually talked me out of the full on SBK treatment.

There was a significant difference in price between that and what he thought would be best for the riding environment in the area I live in.

He was correct even though he could have just agreed and charged me the extra $400 for something I would never have been able to take advantage of.

The point is, I didn’t need a full on SBK build for riding on the street with an occasional foray on the track.

Jim recognized that and delivered a softer more street friendly set up that I find is still more communicative than I’d like at times.

When it came time for my 996 fork rebuild, Jim had sold his business and sadly, passed away. I was recommended a local suspension guy who rebuilt and set up my forks.

They work better than any Showa forks I’ve ever ridden. The only differences I know about are the seals and different/quality fluid.
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