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slipper clutch possible problem?

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so i installed the ducati performance slipper clutch on my 848evo. went in pretty easy. took it to the track worked perfectly no problem. now when i ride it around the streets i feel a lot of almost back pressure or "clutch feel" in the lever. It still shifts fine up and down but it feels like it isnt slipping as well (might be in my head). Is the lever feel thing normal or should i go through and check everything?

also on this drawing

http://www.mad-ducati.com/Technical/BucciSlipperClutch/BUCCI slipper clutch fit 1.jpg

i didnt have part 9 in my clutch do i need that it wasnt in the stock one either unless it was just sealed in to another part.
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1.The part 9 is the back torque spring that sorta holds the splined drum against the back plate part. Im not sure the assembly would function at all without it.
2. Ive always had a slight 'pressure release' feeling at the lever with slippers. Not to say its"normal" but ive had several different types of slippers and they all lent that weird feeling to the lever.
3. i cannot imagine what street riding circumstances would necessitate or open a slipper, but im sure the same feeling at the lever would be present, as it always seemed more apparent to me at a mellow pace.
Sorry I didn't respond got sick there for a little while. I have the Ducati Performance slipper clutch, and I installed the plates same as stock. As soon as I put that spacer in it worked fine. Where it went I have no idea. Thanks guys.
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