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Smoothing out 1st and 2nd gears

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I've done a bit of reading on past messages in this forum and understand that some roughness is expected from a twin style motor, but I'm almost convinced that the severity of shaking on my bike is abnormal.

For those of you guys who have experienced what I described and now got your motor smoothed out in 1st and 2nd gear, please advised what exactly you did to make this adjustment.

Thank you so much!
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Why make another thread? This is a ducati L twin. Its a visceral engine that soon lets you know if your in the wrong gear or trying to lug the engine. By shaking what do you mean? This engine vibrates or throbs what ever term you want to use to describe it. If you try riding along at lets say a constant 15klm/h - 20 klm/h it can be a little jerky with the rpm jumping up and down. But the clutch solves that.
If your lugging the engine and go to accelerate in a higher gear it will shake itself to bits.. an inline 4 or triple engine will smoothly pull away.
From my limited experience and as Watky mentioned , being in the right gear at the right speed is the obvious , sorry to state it no offence meant , also to lower revs will not help
I dont know if the 821 is as bad, but my 796 came with such a high factory gearing that it would shudder when taking off from a stop and was very jerky in 1st and 2nd at low rpm (<3500 on that bike). Dropping 1 tooth in the front made a world of difference and made 6th gear usable below 75mph. A new sprocket was only $40 and took 30min for install.
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