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So I took the full termi mufflers off....

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So I took the full termi mufflers off....


To get at the dang db killers (if you plan to take them out, take them out early before they get nice and attached like mine)...2 hours of very methodical and careful rubber malleting and the mufflers came off (mostly the throttle side one....the other one took 2 good whacks)....

DB killers then came out easy from behind....

Went to reassemble and each time I'd get the bad boys hammered back on they'd be slightly off from lining up at the center bolting point....Is there some magic way to tell the correct mounting rotation angle for the cans?

Or do I just have to keep taking them on and off till I happen to get the things aligned right? A problem complicated by not having a set of stands yet....really hard to figure the angles out when the bike itself is at an angle and no one around to sit on it.

For the center straps at the end that connect the two cans I know they alternate but is one side supposed to be on top or it doesn't matter?

Also, what's the correct way for installing the straps....before the mufflers then tighten when everythings in place or loosely wrap them around the mufflers and attach them afterwards to the mounting point....do they fit both ways or do they only work one way?

Times like these I wish I was mechanically inclined enough to think to chalk mark the pipes or something or take a picture before I start playing.
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so did you separate the mufflers from the pipes? if so how did you do it? did you take the rivets out?
I've only got the stock cans, so this might not help...I found putting on right hand side one first then the left (left rear bracket sits on top of the right for the bolt), - centre hangers already attached. Loosely tighten bolts to underseat and then fit rearbolt. Now start to tighten everything up and re-align mufflers as you start to tighten if they look askew. Good luck. You should be able to find heaps of photos of other guys termis on the net to sus how their's is set up.
Why not just pull the db-killers out from the rear of the Termi's? That's how I did it.
Im with yossarian, just undo the screw/bolt and it removes from the end of the muffler.
I had to do it this way because the db killers were firmly stuck in after 400 miles of riding.....all the yanking in the world wasn't taking them out....

Even the throttle side can was very hard to remove....neither can will rotate once seated either so I have to get the angle right before seating them all the way....

I seperated the cans just behind the end of the can there's an attachement point where the can slips over the pipe...

Took a heck of a lot of rubber malleting to work the cans loose though.
Orlando, do you have access to a slide hammer? That will make the job much easier, as you can apply the necessary force when pulling out the db-killers.
mine were removed before delivery. I thought you could put them in and out but apparently you really cant. You remove the screw then tap out that little tig weld holding them in place and pull them out.

I think based on Orlandos experience, thats why you can put them in and out. They bind once in there for awhile..
Nope never heard of a slide hammer til you mentioned it...looked it up at sears and whoa...that would have been handy!

Tad pricey but going on the tool wishlistfor sure

Now the only question is how did youchoose the name Yossarian.....do you really crash that much?
If you're not doing exacting work, a much cheaper slide hammer than what can be found at Sears will do just fine. Even a little 3-lb unit from Harbor Freight (I cannot believe I'm recommending HF!) for under $20 should do.

I haven't crashed since, let's see...must have been '93 or '94. But that was a good one.
Damn! that was a hell of a lot of work to take out the DB killers.
Hey! That is pretty handy. I've never seen one of those before. Kind of like a gigantic bullet puller!
See and my wife says I'm wasting time on the forum. I learn stuff every nite. Man I'm old.
Just take the slip-ons off,take a long piece of wood(long wooden hammer handle is what I used)and just punch them out.
I backed out the screw bolt and tried everything to get the db killers out. Anyone have photos or directions of the process?

Any sounds clips?
Here is what I do:

1) unscrew retaining bolts
2) attach hook end to slide hammer -- I use the one providing the largest surface area
3) insert hook into and around the vertical center pulls on the db-killers
4) whap the slide hammer several times, not full force, but enough to ease out the db-killers 3mm or so at a time

Sorry, no photos at this time. Will try to get some up if folks are interested.
Photos would be great, I am buying a slide hammer tonight!
I'll get some photos posted up soon; the bike went to the shop yesterday to have adjustments done to correct the stalling issue. Should have it back later today.
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