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First off I am totally comfortable with doing work to the motorcycle. That being said I am getting confused and frustrated. I have measured all clearances. Attached is an image with the findings. I altered a table that I was able to find on the site for my logging.

According to "Ducati Recommended" table they fall in the green.

According to Ducati Tool Rental i'm in the green.

According to the Service Manual i'm in the green.

According to Pat1098 comments all my openers are off.

According to Desmo Times I am off on all but one.

Either way is it an issue that the Vert In Closer Right is off compared to the others?

What Gives? I am trying to finish this up. Can someone shed some light on this, please?

Bike is 2008 848


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Are your measured numbers on the far right? The table isn't working properly because it thinks you've inputed MM and you inputed inches. Thats why you see such huge odd numbers on the left side.

The openers can be .005 - .007 no problem
The closers can be .002 - .004 no problem

If your much outside of that range, +/- .001 then I'd make a change. But I don't see it being too far out, if those are your inch numbers on the right. You just need to slightly tighten up those closers, the openers aren't bad at all.
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