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1- Service cost is same as any other belt driven ducati superbike, even though they call for every 6k valve check up you can do it every 7500k, no problems. Yearly services are only hydraulic fluids, coolant every 2 years.

2-Not true, more reliable than desmoquattros with revised rocker arms surface

3- see #1, valves are not yearly services but miles of usage, which is the most expensive part of the service.

4-Not true, its a great track bike, know many people who are super fast and love these models and wont trade it for anything.

Anybody ever seen the movie Christine. Well thats what this is kind of like. Ever since going to Austin MotoGP, and Ducati Island I have manged to sweat down the Ducati thing, but not this time. I just cant get it out of my mind. She is working on me.
I started out by doing a track day on my Speed Triple. Nice but left me wanting. I have always wanted a Ducati. Now before you all start suggesting other bikes, I have decided on a 999s. mSold my S3
The reason its going to be a 999s is:
1- Unlike 99% of Ducati fans, I think the 999 is beautiful. Period.
2- I believe for my size the 999 will fit me better than any other Sportbike
3- I do NOT like the 848
4- insurance is reasonable on this bike. Will not pay stupid insurance rates
that have been quoted on 848 evo and 899 Panigale.
5- Am working a very good deal on a 999s that is owned by a real
Ducatisti and has been mainted accordingly. ( New Kevlar Belts)
among other things.
6- price is reasonable. and very well equiped

So confirm or deny the rumors I have heard on this bike.
1- The 999 is the most expensive Ducati to maintain.
2- The 999 is the least reliable Ducati
3- The 999 requires $1000 dealer service every year regardless of miles
4- The 999 is a horrible track day bike.
Thanks for your help.
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