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Anybody ever seen the movie Christine. Well thats what this is kind of like. Ever since going to Austin MotoGP, and Ducati Island I have manged to sweat down the Ducati thing, but not this time. I just cant get it out of my mind. She is working on me.
I started out by doing a track day on my Speed Triple. Nice but left me wanting. I have always wanted a Ducati. Now before you all start suggesting other bikes, I have decided on a 999s. mSold my S3
The reason its going to be a 999s is:
1- Unlike 99% of Ducati fans, I think the 999 is beautiful. Period.
2- I believe for my size the 999 will fit me better than any other Sportbike
3- I do NOT like the 848
4- insurance is reasonable on this bike. Will not pay stupid insurance rates
that have been quoted on 848 evo and 899 Panigale.
5- Am working a very good deal on a 999s that is owned by a real
Ducatisti and has been mainted accordingly. ( New Kevlar Belts)
among other things.
6- price is reasonable. and very well equiped

So confirm or deny the rumors I have heard on this bike.
1- The 999 is the most expensive Ducati to maintain.
2- The 999 is the least reliable Ducati
3- The 999 requires $1000 dealer service every year regardless of miles
4- The 999 is a horrible track day bike.
Thanks for your help.
As a previous 1198 owner and current 999"s" owner, I can say definitively that the 999 is more comfortable for me. I don't have extreme dimensions -- 5'11, 185-190, but the 1198 was just miserable for me. The 999, by comparison, is much better -- adjustabililty, flatter seat that keeps you off the tank. Cost per service should not be any more than any other bike -- some maintenance costs I would expect to actually be lower given how user friendly the 999 is to maintenance, access wise -- very easy to get the fairings off and get down to the working bits. Fluids are to be replaced every 2 years, but not annually. And, like you, insurance costs for the 848 for me were prohibitive -- this might sound crazy but the 1198 was actually cheaper than the 848, and the 999 cheaper still. I presume it's because the 848 is the most readily accessible bike, cost-wise, to the average demographic that causes insurance companies a lot of trouble -- typically you don't see the 999/1198 in the hands of young idiots (that's not to say all 848 owners are punks or all 1198 owners are old responsible men, but on average I suspect that holds up). My first track day is next week -- California Superbike School at VIR -- so I'll have track feedback shortly! My impressions of the street riding so far though are that it's very stable and predictable.
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