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I owned a 999R, a 1098s tricolore and a 1198s corse, the 10-1198 are lighter, faster and a joy to flip around the corners but on the other hand the riding position is cramped, to take off the side panels you need a instruction manual and so on.
The 999 seating position IMO is far better since you sit IN the bike instead ON the bike, the 999 is heavier but not all that noticable unless you ride them both back to back.
I loved the tach on the 999, the look of the bullet train and all it had to offer including the power, the insurance was on all the bikes just about the same give or take 20 or 30 $ with State farm, the tank is steel as opposed to the plastic crap, all things to consider....
I would buy another 999 based on my experience.
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