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It COULD be the radiator, but not conclusive from the pics. Certainly it looks like coolant, and it is on the correct (LH) side that usually fails.

Look down through the gap around the L) fork leg at the radiator. If it has failed there will be evidence of a leak just below the bracket that mounts the upper LHS of the radiator to the frame. It may take a certain engine temperature before fluid will emit from there.

The later reinforced radiator (post mid-2010) has a layer of material between the bracket and the upper member of the radiator, which appears to have fixed this recurrent problem.

Ducati were replacing them FOC, even if your warranty period was up, but only if you had bought the bike new. At least that is how they ran it here. I had three replaced without charge.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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