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something new to look for...

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Today while enroute to our usually Sunday a.m. run through the twisties, a 40 mile interstate run, I felt the bike was a little twitchy, as if it was windy. But the surrounding trees and brush were not moving and I didn't notice anyone else in the group moving around. I don't discount the feeling but I plod on. We exit the highway to hit our favorite 50 mile stretch of twisted bliss, when the movement becomes much more noticeable and I pull over, figuring I have a flat rear tire. Check the tire, no nails & pressure is ok. So I grab ahold of the rear wheel and OMG, WTF, and all the rest you can think of!!! The rear hub bearings had failed and you could move the rear wheel at least two inches side-to-side or top-to-bottom!

And yes, I'm the one that did the trackday last weekend, had it to 169 mph yesterday, and actually had it to 135 earlier this day! None of which imho contributed to the failure, but nonetheless. I haven't had any problems up to now, no stalling, no bs at all...I have been extremely satisfied with this bike and am sure I will continue to be...but you guys that already have your bikes, grab the rear wheel and check it for bearing play. Hopefully mine is an isolated incident, but who knows :confused:

btw: I've got about 1K miles on mine now. without taking it apart, I'd guess it was assembled with little or no grease. I've seen lots of bearing failures thru the years and if they are properly lubed they will throw grease out everywhere after the bearings collapse...this thing threw out no grease at all!
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Sorry to hear that, but thanks for the heads up.
Holy $hit thats scary! I hope your dealer doesn't give you a hard time for taking it on the track, maybe you just keep that to yourself. I don't know if they make them for this bike yet but i was looking at changing to ceramic bearings after awhile, What do you think? Do you have any experience with them?
Holy shit, is right! But my dealer is really cool. I actually called him while I was trailering it home and he met me at the shop to check it out and take it in. He's calling his Ducati rep this a.m. to report it and get the parts coming. I'll keep everyone posted. Oh, and he was the one encouraging me to take it to the track :) so no problem there.
Please tell me this is a April fool.....i don't want to die from a stupidity like this !

Never heard anything like this in over 30 years as a motorcyclist !
Heard from the dealer today. He took the rear hub and spindle apart and apparently there was a spacer missing on original assembly and the actual damage was minimal. Ducati was very interested and requested pics, etc. and they said they hadn't seen any others. So, good for you guys...I guess it was an isolated incident :confused:

Parts are on order and he hopes to have it back by the weekend :)
Man that is scary, glad you are ok and so is the bike. Sheesh!
I assume the spacer was between left and right bearing, so the rest of us would have to wait for a failure to discover the same issue. This make me want to take it apart.

william_jourdan said:
I assume the spacer was between left and right bearing, so the rest of us would have to wait for a failure to discover the same issue. This make me want to take it apart.

That's my understanding. I think just grabbing the wheel and checking for any freeplay as part of your preflight would be sufficient. If this is a widespread thing (which I don't believe it is) I'm sure there would be a prompt recall, or I should say 'hope' there would be.
Damn.. Thats good your ok and you stopped to check it out.

I just took my bike in for service and I will ask the dealer to check it out!
Got my bike back yesterday fitted with new eccentric (hub) and axle. Tech said the new hub had the missing spacer in it :D I suppose it truly was a one-off situation but you can bet I'll be checking my rear wheel on a regular basis!
Glad you have it back and hope I never have the experience. :D
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