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Speed Blitz in Adelaide Hills

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Just been hearing about an anti-motorcycle speeding campaign, for the month of December.

Apparently it involves hidden cameras being secreted on popular bike roads in The Hills.

Worth knowing, if that is your playground.

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Should thin the squids out who seem to think there is a podium up at the Lobethal deli .
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Well I guess it could do that.

More concerned that some less deserving riders could end up getting an unpleasant surprise.

I was about to head out when I heard about it.

Between that and the weather changing I decided against it.

I see they are installing another of those point-to-point set-ups just south of Mt. Compass on the Victor Rd (like the one out of Coonalpyn).

Only saw one installation - I guess they haven't finished the second one.

Not doing much for our sense of freedom.

I am not advocating doing ludicrous speeds on the road by the way, but the widespread reduction in speed limits makes it a bit hard to stay legal on these bikes.
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I know guys who ride at 200km/h + on public roads I personally hope they get caught before they get killed .
Don't get me wrong I'm not a saint and have been lucky on both accounts but the cycling craze that has infected the Adelaide hills is just dangerous now .
I'm not too sure what the answer is .
Well I guess we just have to ride smarter, in places where they aren't doing this. Go a bit further away first perhaps.

I guess I was hoping there might be some information out there as to specific places where these things are hidden.

Of course doing crazy speeds on the road isn't smart riding, but we can have safe fun above the overly-conservative limits without affecting other road-users. (Do you ride under 80 from Meadows to Ashbourne, for example)?

This is part of the same discrimination that has them re-surfacing roads that don't need it with a cheap surface that doesn't provide safe grip. Like the length of the Delamere-Victor road.

We can't get to the track every time we feel like a ride. This is blatant discrimination against motorcyclists in my view.

I don't have a issue with cyclist I am one but I can sure see a issue there on both sides mostly "some" cyclist holding
their ground even if it might be dangerous .

I would rather ride roads closer to home with tighter corners as I am less likely to break the speed limit while still enjoying riding .
Go further out the corners open up and it's not much fun doing 80 in a 65 km/h corner .
I think I will just ride my old bikes on the road they can still be enjoyable without excessive speed involved .
Dirt starts turning at Tailem Bend motorsport park next year so a new track is on the horizon that will be my new 'playground" .
I do a bit of cycling too - got a nice road bike. Would you believe I've lightened it? :D

But I don't ride it up in the windy Hills roads where they present a hazard to others.

As for that riding 2 - 3 wide in the middle of the road bullshit..

Saw some crazy pushbike guys doing this in Europe - was one of the most frequent hazards we encountered in some areas.

Being shortly before the Tour de France, in the same vicinity, seemed to give them the right to block the road for everyone.



Great input :confused:
Pat 1098 cheers for the heads up on our riding roads,taking delivery on my new monster 1200s tomorrow.gunna hit the hills,well got to run it in so speeds will be down.the adelaide hills have become a joke with the constant reduction in speed limits.hell I remember when Norton summit road was speed posted at 110klm.you are right will have to search farther afield.
Yep. That sort of reduction has happened on so many roads.

Upper Sturt Rd used to have a 100 limit, then 80, and now 60.

With no opportunity to overtake legally.

So now they put cameras everywhere to police limits which are demonstrably ridiculous. Almost half what they used to be before most vehicles had disc brakes and radial tyres.:mad:

Enjoy your new bike. Take care. Try to run it in responsibly..

Pat, I'm wondering if you happened to watch Catlyst on ABC TV tonight? It is repeated in Vic at least, on ABC2 early tomorrow arvo.
Not that the law makes exception for "old Hands" or even custom, the latter once being one of the cornerstones of the legal system, the message is ... it's all over - at least the way we know it anyway.
The future is all about living like a sardine in a tin and perhaps riding a pushbike if that can be managed.
Me? - I'll be long gone, so am not too concerned.
Hi Rock - Yes, I saw a bit of it, without actually concentrating on it. Talking about Australia's population doubling in the next fifty years. Building upwards rather than outwards. The sardines you refer to.

Having grown up in Sydney, and heading this way in the early '70s to get away from the madness that Sydney represented back then (and escape the licence loss that was pending, given that I had accrued 16 points of a possible 9..) I can certainly empathise with what you are referring to.

I am even struggling with some of the features of the relatively under-populated Adelaide these days. Spending more time at our humble weekender by the Lower Lakes makes even sleepy old Adelaide seem a bit much. And too noisy. Of course I am a bit old now..

We look at each other every time we come back, and agree that we might just have to move down there permanently. This 'road blitz' only reinforces that feeling.

Ever wake up and find yourself in a world where you don't belong anymore?

Ever wake up and find yourself in a world where you don't belong anymore?

Increasingly more often Pat. :cross:
It's all about revenue raising nothing more.
Far out. This is not really 'playing fair'. :(

Apparently the latest devices take the form of a low box, which may be what is under that cover. I am told they are not easy to spot until you have already gone past.

But I have done a few miles in the last week and I haven't seen one yet. Not to say I won't get a letter..

I hear that local, non-bike-riding folks in The Hills are upset that they are getting pinged by these devices. I don't suppose they just single out bikes for the 'blitz'.

But I did notice that most of the crew at our last Fri meet-up at a Hills hotel came by car.
I only ride the local back roads now. I ran for the hills over 30 years back when Shitney started to change but need to run further afield now.
The Maggots are not collecting enough and are now sitting under the speed limit change signs to catch the innocent drivers as well.
Yes the highway through the Blue Mountains is a joke. So much of it always under roadworks, with ridiculous slow limits that go for miles. And no alternative routes for almost all of it, being an escarpment with deep valleys either side.

And coppers hiding behind bushes and around corners the whole way. I have spent a fair bit of time in that vicinity as most of my (birth) family lives in The Mountains. The ratio of police to regular traffic is very high there. It always was, even back in 1970 when I was first trying to get out of Sydney for a ride.

I don't envy you having to run that gauntlet on a regular basis. I always become a little more relaxed once I get past Bathurst on the way back. From there to Sydney is just crawling with them.

And of course I have been booked and harassed further west as well. They have bred some serious arseholes around Young and Orange as well (not to mention Goulburn)! So convinced of their right to ruin your day just because you ride a motorcycle..
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