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Sprocket question

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I'm looking to get more low end snatch from my 1198.
I really don't care about losing some top end.
Love the roll on wheelies. Any suggestions on sprocket changes?
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Yes, go for the Ducati Performance 39T rear sprocket. I have one for sale brand new in the bag. I also have a brand new D.I.D gold chain (also in the box) that'll work perfect for you. Let me know.
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Easiest bang for the buck is to drop a tooth off the front sprocket. If you have some wear on your current chain and sprockets I recommend replacing the whole set at the same time. (not so bang for your buck)
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^what he said. Go with a 14T sprocket on the front. If you want even more, than start going up in the rear...but a 14/38 or 14/39 should be plenty good.

Andrew, what size is your chain you have for sale, 520 or 525? How many links?
Whatever stock is. 525 I believe. Links are 110 which will work for your bike.
I've done this mod on my bike and I think the gearing is ideal. Did the same thing on my dads SF1098S and he loves it.
Ok, that's exactly what I would need (minus the gold color :p)....I'll let you know after I get back from Road America if I decide to take it or not.
You don't like the gold? WTF?
Oh I like the gold, but it won't go well with my bike. It will be the only gold part on it, aside from the Ohlins :eek:
I run 15 Front 42 Rear. Similar to going to the 14 in the front.

The reason I did 15/42 was that sprockets will last longer vs the 14. If you have really low miles and are not planning on changing it all out go with the 14 in the front. In my case I was at 10k miles and decided to swap it all.
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